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Many have asked the question who am I, to be honest I have asked myself at times, with many my answer is simply James. I do state that I’m a blogger, photographer, father, and adventurer, but that’s not really saying who I am. Like most I do not always reveal things about myself, so reading between the lines might be a way to go, but then I leave things to chance and assumptions could be furthest from the truth.

I have told people and even posted that if anyone wants to know who I am, there is only one way for them to find out, the answer is (Try). Those that take the time to try, find that I may not always be the easiest to get along with, but then at other times I can be an open book and more caring than anyone they’ve ever known. Knowing me becomes so easy they wonder why others don’t see it.

I’m NOT like some that I like to call the Chameleons, they change who they are or the way they act depending on whom their around, I don’t pretend to be anything or anyone that I’m not. I don’t believe in misleading people just so they might like me, I never follow others just to be followed, nor do I ask others to follow me just so I can gain popularity.

I love photography and being surrounded by nature, I use to do everything from prom photos to weddings, but in nature, there never are the ones that you just can’t please, nature only cares that you never harm anything and leave it as you found it. The other thing I love is writing, I’m not yet an author but that may happen shortly, for now, I just stick to my blogging and try to give the best content that I can.

As far as more personal things about myself, I think I’ll leave that for a biography if I feel ones ever needed.

So back to the question at hand, who am I.

I would have to say I’m someone that wishes the world was a better place and that people could be whoever they are without judgment. Other than that I guess you’ll just have to TRY if you really want to know.


5 Replies to “Who am I”

  1. I also am not a chameleon. It seems like a lot of work to be one person to some people and another to others. Simple is easier and since I am comfortable with the person I am, there seems no need to deceive anyone. That has gotten me in trouble on occasion, but a little trouble’s not a bad thing, I’ve found. It leads to good discussions.

    Oh the other hand, I’m relatively open about who I am. My mom asks “Do you have to put your whole life on Facebook?” I believe that was after I announced details of my colonoscopy, which I thought was important because so many people won’t and it keeps others afraid to get them. What I want to keep private, I keep private, however. but let Mom think my whole life is out there. 😂

    Good getting to know you better, James!

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    1. That was a very nice comment, thank you! and I feel the same, I post what may not seem like much at times but there’s always a reason. and what I don’t post is my private life which remains just that (private)


  2. “someone that wishes the world was a better place and that people could be whoever they are without judgment” what a peaceful and beautiful place world would be if this was true. It is really nice that you wish this, i wish the same and i think all we can do is start from being such a homey to others so that we can spread the good vibes which will light up the day of another person who will go and light up the day of another person, so the cycle of goodness will spread and world will be much brighter🌻

    Have a wonderful day James!

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  3. Thank for sharing and opening up that book again. I like that question and it is very interesting how people respond to it…

    I always enjoy visiting your blog and I gladly will come back regularly to pay a visit.

    Lots of love from Germany. Yours, Sovely

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