The Seeker

Lost Without You

For all of those that have lost someone dear

We may not remember another time that we have faced an enemy like COVID-19, but for those that have lost someone, they, nor their families, will ever forget. I, like most of you, watch the news and wonder not only why, but when, will this plague ever go away. Life will never be the same as the one we knew.

As the numbers of lost only keep growing we embrace those that we have with us and try our best to make some kind of sense out of what has befallen us. Has anyone forgotten 911? I for one have not, and I’m sure those that were touched by its awful act have not forgotten, and the cries have not been silenced.

Our world is no longer split by hate, at least not while this enemy is still with us. Maybe that’s our sign – our way of finally having peace between all nations. Or once the fear has stopped, and the evil that we are fighting has hidden itself among the shadows, will things go back to the way they were? Where only the powerful matter and not the ones in despair?

3 Replies to “Lost Without You”

  1. I do not think you are the only one who remembers 9-11. That day fundamentally changed life in North America. I remember seeing the plumes of smoke and a call a few days later from my military unit. The look of worry on my girlfriend’s face as I told her everything would be fine.

    The thing is “did we learn from that tragedy?” The answer is unfortunately no. Things have worsened ever since then. But, with adversity, One must still hope and imagine we can do better. We’ll get to see the true side of people and countries with this pandemic and with luck, those same people will finally realize that we are all interconnected. One action affects an another and dominos downwards which usually cascades a lot further then most can imagine.

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