The Seeker

Growing Pains

From the day we’re born we all start a journey, we learn from our parents all the skills we need in life for that journey, but some things happen after we leave the nest that not even our parents could hope to prepare us for.

As we grow people come into our lives as well as things that happen to us along the way and without meaning to we also learn from others and one of the things we learn to do is one of the worse things we could ever do, but in some cases we feel it’s necessary, we call them WALLS, but what they really are can’t be explained other than to call them The beginning of the End! They wind up after time making us into something we don’t want to be, and they also divide us from our feelings and make our judgment less than great.

In these times we need to be more than we were before, we need to break those walls and relearn how to be kind again, we need to see each other for what we truly are, which is a brother or sister that not only can but will love us if it wasn’t for all the walls we’ve built.

Find the light again, it’s there in the distance but it’s never out of reach!


4 Replies to “Growing Pains”

  1. The problem with walls is that they might stop you from getting hurt, but they also stop you from experiencing joy. We’ve all been hurt and experienced loss, but surely the pains of life are much easier to bear with the love and support of a true friend.

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  2. “Find the light again, it’s there in the distance but it’s never out of reach!” I totally agree with you! When times get tough it’s difficult to find the light but its when we find light again that we win. Having a good support system (family , friends, mentors) helps us alot to find the light when we are lost in the darkness, but no matter how strong the support system is, we always have to do the most important part by ourselves, which involves looking inwardly, realizing the truths, constantly focusing on the bright side, being a disciplined person and not giving up on finding the light ❤️

    Have a wonderful day my friend!

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