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Happy Mother’s Day??

During these hard times we keep coming up with new questions and this one I was wondering about myself. Should Mother’s Day be changed so that families can visit and celebrate one of our (in my opinion) most important of holidays.

Most of us are in lockdown or at least we should be! So just how are we supposed to celebrate and show our love for our mothers? Are we only to have video’s or maybe a phone call? I for one think Mother’s Day is worthy of something better than that, but we must remember that no matter how much we want to see them these are just NOT the times to do so.

In the past we would cook meals, play games, give lots of hugs and remember just how much we love our mothers, but today we have an enemy that is more dangerous to them than anything we’ve known, so just what are we to do and how? I think we could move it to a later date and then we could all have a day that we can once again be proud of.

3 Replies to “Happy Mother’s Day??”

  1. Easter? Individuals’ birthdays? Graduation?
    As a Mother myself, I appreciate your sentiment. I feel it should stay where it is… Because every day should be a day to celebrate mom’s…and because other dates of other important events haven’t been changed.


  2. Oh that is so sweet! Never thought of that but I think it’s a great idea! They’ve moved Derby because they believe it should not be missed so why not Mothers Day! I miss my mom and she has told me to come visit soon that others have. But I told her people are not suppose to be visiting. I’d never forgive myself if I got her sick! I’m staying away because I love her, for her!

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