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Aggression out of Control

The world has become so aggressive!

The question is WHY, what makes some go from the person next door to a mindless hurting or in some cases a killing machine?

The reasons and answers can be endless so I won’t try to take it that deep, but we can look at just a few things that may contribute.

Sports itself has become something that has or can set the standards for a lot of aggression, some watch these sporting events often, but what are they really seeing and what are the children of these parents seeing? Why do some take these events so seriously? I’m sure the promoters hope you do take them seriously so they can keep you coming back time and time again and let’s not forget to keep you spending!!!

Taken from a census:
Americans spend $56 billion on sporting events. Sports lovers also coughed up $33 billion for athletic equipment and $19 billion for gym memberships over the past year. The average cost for a family of four to attend an NFL game is more than $500.

Consider these statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA): 66 percent of traffic deaths are caused by aggressive driving.

Can ANYONE tell me what the **** hurry is?

One thing I have seen over the years is something I can’t explain, the me me me attitude so many people have now,

I’m truly sorry but it’s NOT about you guys/gals! The world belongs to all of us and we must learn to slow our lives down and not just while driving, take the time to enjoy your life and to let others do the same.

While searching for a photo to go with my Angry Neighbors segment I saw this one and to be honest it was the cleanest I found, the others were so graphic I really couldn’t use them here.

If you watch the news there is always a story about someone being shot by an angry neighbor, friend, and even a family member. If something isn’t done and people start paying more attention to the changes in our world and that WE are the ones doing it, not just the other guy, then we are surely going to be the only cause of our own demise.

We have to be the solution!

13 Replies to “Aggression out of Control”

  1. Simple answer is the world is full uneducated snowflakes that are naive and gullible to believe what others tell them.

    My advice is always cover your 6 and other major factor there is no accountability or respect no more if some of half these keyboard warrior’s were to say the shit they do.

    They would run away like pathetic sheep because I was smack them right in the mouth !!!!

    The first colossal mistake is sheep thinking they are wolves!!!!



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  2. You said it right Ward! Some people say we are less violent now, but obviously don’t read the news. Personal type violence is far worse now than it ever has been and it’s getting worse all the time. Unfortunately people sit back and only worry about themselves, not thinking they might be the next victims of this senseless violence. We can be, and need to be the solution to this problem, you are right, the “me, me, me” attitude is what’s doing it. So we have lost compassion for others. Sorry for the long rant. Have a great day!

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    1. Forget the News Media. “Is the world getting better or worse? A look at the numbers”

      “Let’s compare the most recent data on the present with the same measures 30 years ago. Last year, Americans killed each other at a rate of 5.3 per hundred thousand, had seven percent of their citizens in poverty and emitted 21 million tons of particulate matter and four million tons of sulfur dioxide. But 30 years ago, the homicide rate was 8.5 per hundred thousand, poverty rate was 12 percent and we emitted 35 million tons of particulate matter and 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide.

      What about the world as a whole? Last year, the world had 12 ongoing wars, 60 autocracies, 10 percent of the world population in extreme poverty and more than 10,000 nuclear weapons. But 30 years ago, there were 23 wars, 85 autocracies, 37 percent of the world population in extreme poverty and more than 60,000 nuclear weapons. True, last year was a terrible year for terrorism in Western Europe, with 238 deaths, but 1988 was worse with 440 deaths.”

      Life expectancy, famine, poverty, crime, natural disaster deaths, democracy… Data continues trending even better year after year…

      Yet, according to the news media: “the world has been coming to an end for a very long time indeed.”

      Ted Talk video presentation:

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