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Happy Family

I went to my brother’s house for Thanksgiving and I wanted to share a little of their home along with a few thoughts.

In the photo above is their family member Graham and a sign that I feel is so fitting for them ,they are truly one of the best couples I’ve ever known, I don’t say that because they are my family or because I think they might see this, I say it because I’ve never known a couple that compliment each other quite the way they do.

This is their home and their lives, Happy, and full of peace.

Always laughing even though life does bring them troubles just like it does many of us, but they don’t dwell on those things and they support each other no matter what. I wish with all of my heart that others can find the peace and happiness that they have, storybook romances really can come true, but it does take both parties being there for one another in spirit, mind, and soul, these things can’t be faked or be part-time, they have to be real, they have to be something that you can’t explain, you only know that it’s right.

Happy Holidays to all

I hope you find peace and love to fill your hearts

3 Replies to “Happy Family”

  1. It looks like a very happy home. I love the signs, and I have to say that Santa mixed up my presents the same way last year!! 😂 But it’s nice to know that romance and love like that is possible. They are very lucky to have found each other.

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