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Power of the mind or dumb luck

Over about two weeks ago I started thinking about owls, why I have no idea, but I was wondering where to find one.

One early morning I was driving home and guess what I saw on a fence post staring at me.

I was talking with my brother about it and his wife sent me this photo, she said she saw it on a fence post but as she reached for her phone it flew into the trees, she was still lucky enough to snap this shot before it flew away again.

Now my sister in-law is a VERY big Harry Potter fan and she said she was hoping to get her letter (LOL), I told her my story and that it was back on the fence post when I arrived on our farm.

She said then maybe it was there for you and not me (WEEP).

I have since been trying to capture it in another pic with a wildlife camera, but with no luck.

I gave up and forgot about it all together.

Tonight, I heard something outside, and I guessed it was a possum or raccoon since they are often around, when I looked out there, he was here again this time on my porch. I didn’t try to get a photo I only watched him for a few minutes, He/She didn’t seem scared of me at all, but still I made no sudden movements and tried to keep all noise down as much as I could.

This bird did nothing but investigate through my window or at least that’s what it seemed like to me. If it returns maybe, I’ll try to join it on my porch or wherever I might see it.

4 Replies to “Power of the mind or dumb luck”

  1. Awesome! And did he bring you your letter? Perhaps next year you’ll get to travel to a far off place filled with witches, wizards and strange creatures? Stranger things have happened, like attracting an owl into your life. Could your middle name be Harry?? 😉

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  2. AHHH!!!!! I love this so much!!! I LOVE owls! I always look for them when I’m out an about, but I’ve only been fortunate enough to spot on a couple of times!! I’ve always said I want an owl to bring me letters too! That’s too funny!! My friend gave me an adorable ceramic owl for my birthday a couple of weeks ago!! ❤ ❤

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