Vivi La Vita

The Ring

There once was a man that met a lady, the two fell in love.

The parents were enemies, so the couple had to hide their love.

The man still wanted to show a symbol of his love and commitment.

He gave the lady a ring that he forged from a cross he wore around his neck since he was a young boy.

The woman wore it whenever she was alone or held it when she wanted to feel him close to her.

The two never told anyone of their love.

They only met in the darkness of night.

One day the lady was with child, she told her family it was a stranger that had his way with her.

They felt ashamed for her having the child but agreed it wasn’t the child’s fault.

She told her daughter the truth about who her father was and how much love they had for each other.

The only proof of their love was the ring and an inscription within it.

It read

You are my greatest treasure

One day the lady was telling her daughter a story of how they first met, and a family member overheard her.

The hate they had for the other family clouded their minds and they talked of killing her and the child.

When they came for them the mother told her daughter to hide the ring so it would never be found.

The daughter took the ring and ran as fast as she could all the time hearing her mother’s cries as she was tortured.

The child finally found the perfect hiding spot, then ran for her own life as she could hear them looking for her.

They finally caught up to the child, but before they could kill her, she cursed them.

She said they would all die a horrible death as would their family to come until the ring was found and reunited with her mother.

To this day the ring has not been found.

After each child of the family reaches the age of eighteen the parents would die a horrible death.

It’s told that the ring was found once, the person that found it was of the father’s family and was a child of his brother.

The child took it to an old lady that lived in the woods and was expected of being a witch.

The child asked her to change the curse and then to hide it herself.

The witch agreed and told the child that there had been to much blood spilled by the ring.

This time the curse was to be more of a blessing.

Whoever shall find the ring will always find happiness and love and then she cast a great spell, the winds blew harder than ever, the sky became black as coal, then a single burst of light came from the heavens straight down upon the ring, and then it was gone.

It’s been a thousand years since that day and the story is still well known.


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