The Seeker

Chapter #1 Coming of age

John was just a normal boy like any other with one exception, on his 16th birthday he had an odd dream of a wilderness that looked as if it had a horrible fire at some point with thick fog making it almost impossible to see much more than just a few feet ahead. He walked for what seemed like hours trying desperately to find his way back home when he ran upon a small shack, he went to the door and knocked hoping to find someone to help him, there was no answer and the door swung open. He peered around the door asking if anyone was there but again there was no answer, he saw a fireplace and only a small bed, he decided it must have been a hunting cabin and thought he would stay here until daylight and maybe the fog to be lifted. There was a small amount of wood, but enough for a fire that should last the night, so he started a fire and laid on the bed, it was rough and with no pillow for his head but at least he was in out of the cold and safe from the wildlife, just as he felt himself falling to sleep that’s when the dream ended and he found himself back home in his own bed.

John thought this was one of the oddest dreams he’s ever had, in fact, he thought to himself it was also the most real dream of his life, but he shook it off and went downstairs to have breakfast with his family and prepare for school, as he got halfway down the staircase he heard a sound, it was a low moaning sound which really scared John and he rushed to the bottom of the staircase in case it was a family member that may have been hurt somehow. When he got there the sound returned, he looked to his left towards the garage door that stood open.

What he saw was something that just couldn’t be, there was another doorway that had never been there before, it had an ominous look about it, John quickly closed his eyes and when he reopened them the doorway was gone and the moaning had stopped. John was getting worried that he was losing his mind, then he heard (Lucy Hamilton) his mother calling for him to come to have breakfast before he had to leave for school. John had one little sister Wendy Hamilton that he saw as he entered the kitchen along with his mom and his dad Bane Hamilton. They all sat down and had the normal morning discussions and then John told Wendy to come with him and they began walking towards the school. They arrived at the elementary school first and he told Wendy to have a good day and for her to wait for him at the school entrance at the end of the day, then kissed her cheek then John left for the high school. The rest of the day went just like any other, come the end of the day John headed to meet Wendy.

When he got there Wendy was standing at the entrance to the school, John walked over and took her hand as they began their walk home. When they arrived nobody was home yet so they decided to watch television until their mother got there, then they would have to go to their rooms to do any homework they may have. About an hour passed when Lucy came home and greeted both Wendy and John then told them to go do their homework and washup before dinner. John went to his room and turned his music on, sat at his desk to begin working on his math quiz for the next day, as time passed John became sleepy and decided to lay down for a quick nap, the music was playing soft pop music which was his favorite. He felt himself drifting off to sleep and he could hear Wendy laughing as she always did, she was only ten years old and knew innocents as most her age. While John fell deeper to sleep, he began to dream again

This time John’s dream became even more dramatic and felt even more real, He was walking through the same woods when he heard what sounded like horses running in his direction, as the sound grew louder John became more and more scared at what might be coming his way, then out of the fog he could make out four horsemen riding towards him, They were huge men and the eyes of the horses glowed red, John began to run away, he heard the men laughing and one called to him, John why do you run poor boy we are going to take you and devour your soul no matter where you go.

Then a man appeared to John, He was dressed as the dead with small skulls and bones around his neck, He tipped his hat that was old with feathers and trinkets tied within the band around it. He said hello John I’m Roland, I am the Bones Collector I was sent to help you, go to the old Vancouver graveyard and search for the door, with a loud voice he then said WAKE UP! John woke and felt as if he was really going crazy, but he washed up and went to dinner, he walked in he saw Wendy sitting there talking to her dad, as soon as Wendy saw John she knew something wasn’t right and asked if he was ok, John replied yes, then she had that little smirk as she always did when she knew John wasn’t being honest with her. After dinner Wend went to John and said what’s wrong, John told her it was nothing just a bad dream and not to worry about it. Tomorrow was going to be Saturday and he had a few things to do but after he would spend the day with her, and they could do whatever she wanted. That night John didn’t dream and thought to himself that he wasn’t crazy only had a couple of bad dreams, yet they seemed so real, He called up a few of his friends to ask if they were still getting together that morning, they all said yes for him to meet them in the town square.

The dreams still in the back of his mind and his wanting to prove them to be nothing more than dreams John decided to go to the Graveyard on his way to meet his friends. It wasn’t a very big place and wouldn’t take but a few minutes to walk through it when he arrived John took a deep breath and began walking towards the gate.

It only took john a few minutes to search the graveyard, he didn’t know exactly what the strange man meant by the door, there were no walls of any kind so he looked at each tombstone for the word door on them but none were found, john felt relief and shook his head saying see John it was nothing now go on and forget it. John met up with his friends, they were there to work on historic photos for a class project. Then he went back home, he and Wendy decided to go to the movies, then he took her shopping for a new dress for church Sunday. When they got back his dad and mom were baking cookies to take with them tomorrow, Wendy asked if she could have one, Lucy said yes dear and here give John one too, but no more until tomorrow. Wendy ran to John’s room to give him his and gave him a kiss goodnight.

The next morning the family were getting ready for church, Wendy was getting her new dress out of the closet, Bane and Lucy were discussing the days’ events and John was getting ready to shower, as he passed the mirror on his wall he saw a very strange reflection.

When he looked back the reflection was gone, but this left John feeling a bit weary and the memory of being told to find the door returned, but what door? Where was it? How was he to find it? Then he thought to himself NO it was only a dream and it needs to be forgotten. During church John met Mike, Mike was the leader of the Photography project, Mike asked John how he was doing, John replied he was fine if he could get rid of a recurring dream with a chuckle. Mike said oh yes, I’ve had those and not to pay it any attention. They both laughed and went downstairs to where the church was having it’s baked goods for them and friends attending church that day, while there Mike asked if John wanted to come to his house and look at the photos he collected from everyone the other day, John said sure but to give him a little bit to let the family know where he was going and why. Lucy said she would drive them both to Mikes hose because she didn’t want John out late on a school night, Mike agreed and told his family to have a good visit at church and he would be home when they got there.

In just a few mins they arrived at mikes house and Lucy reminded John not to be out late, john said he wouldn’t, the boys went in and headed to the basement to see how the photos came out.

John and Mike were pleased the photos seemed to be some of the best they had taken, John noticed one was exceptional and asked who took it, Mike said Taylor did, Tylor was one of the boys best female friends, she was a very pretty young lady with red hair and John always told her she should see about modeling, John took a magnifying glass to get a closer look at the detail of the picture, that’s when he noticed a sign that read Vancouver Estate, he then asked Mike if he had ever heard of it, Mike said sure it’s on Mockingbird lane but there wasn’t much there just an old mansion that was rundown and a creepy family graveyard, John said I visited a Vancouver graveyard for kicks the other day but didn’t know there were two, Mike told him that the one he went to was the same family but the one at the mansion was much older and it was only for the ones that lived there years ago.

I hope you enjoyed my little story

The next chapter is still being worked on, but if I get a good response, I may post it.

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