Vivi La Vita

Take Me

When I miss you

I stare into the abyss

I listen to music to drown out the world around me

When your face begins to become hard to remember I want you even more

Your memory haunts my thoughts

My body aches for your touch

The sound of your voice is fading and that drives me insane

When you finally call, I feel my heart stop just for a second

My breath takes a short gasp

The words come hard because there is so much I want to say, they seem to all bunch together

When you stand before me, I can only think (take me)

As you place your arms around me, I feel safe, like going back home

I can’t stand the thoughts of when you leave again, so I only want you to consume me

My darling you are so much more to me than just the one I love

You have become more than just my world

You’re more than my soulmate

You are what keeps my heart beating every day of my life.

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