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The Point System

I decided to use this photo because in the U.S. the point system has become more and more of a cloak and dagger.

Here are just a couple of titles I got when I searched for it.

If you’re not sure what the point system is here is a link to several posts on the subject.

More companies use point system for absences: Is it legal?

What Could Go Wrong? It’s a Point System

Point System Attendance More Punitive Than Productive

First of all, this is NOT a rant!

I have no worries in the area, but I do have a lot of mixed feelings.

  1. Should any company have the right to charge an employee when they work is some of the hardest conditions while the upper management work in heated and aired office?
  2. The employee is already minus their pay so why bring more stress on them?
  3. If a doctor’s note is brought shouldn’t that be proof that they don’t deserve a point that could lead to termination!

The list really does go on for a rather long bit of writing.

Now you HAVE to think what all goes on in a person’s life that they can or can NOT control, Speeding is one thing we can control but does the company control that too?

I lost a good friend yesterday because he was running late for work after attending to his expecting wife!

Where is the line drawn? Who’s really at fault?

I have to side with the families!

This could have been prevented!

He had no points against him but he was trying to get perfect attendance so that he could get a small bonus for his family, if he was late he would have not only lost the bonus after almost a year of NOT missing a day, then on top of that he would have been pointed.

I feel the POINT SYSTEM needs to be abolished, I have been in charge of several people and I knew who was a good worker and who wasn’t, so I ask YOU what else is really needed. I have let people go that missed for no reason other than they wanted to or came in late because they were out all night.

I have to say this is something that really needs a LOT more attention than what is been getting.


8 Replies to “The Point System”

  1. This seems very heartless and inhumane. How sad for your friend’s family, especially his expecting wife! Trying to do the right thing for your family should not look like this :o( The incentive behind this system seems flawed.

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  2. Nice post dear, sorry to hear about your friend.
    The only thing company’s care about is the bottom dollar how much work they can get out of you for the least amount of money like it’s always been. 😒


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  3. First of all, I’m so sorry for your loss.

    Secondly, you have every right to rant! The system is extremely flawed! We keep rewarding lazy workers and punishing hard workers. I could go on and on about the company I work for alone, and I actually like my job, I just see a lot of ways we can improve the system to make it more fair. It’s such a shame. 😦

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