Vivi La Vita

Aged Vision

As we get older, we see with new eyes.

Our lives are no longer in the hustle and bustle world.

We now take the time to see things with open eyes that are not looking through rose-colored glasses.

When we are young, we are what seems like in a dead run to grow up and get our lives started.

When the time comes that we slow down, we can then start seeing what all we have been missing.

We see things for what they really are!

Time here is short and should be treated as such a blessing.

We can lay in a hammock during the day and do nothing but watch the clouds pass us by.

Watching the young as they grow and try to guide them down the right path because most of us have strayed and seen the horrors that can bring us.

We now know that what is most important in life is TIME.

Not what time to go to work or what time to have the next party, the time I’m talking about is TIME to SEE the beauty around us and take the time to enjoy all the things we may not have even noticed before.

Time spent with our loved ones, not just coexisting with them, now you may think you do spend time with them but how many times is that in front of the tv? Or running from place to place? Or more involved with our media?

That is NOT time spent with them!!!!

When we get older, we take more pride in what we really do and who we do it with.

We also see the little things in life that once was passed by without a thought to them.

Maybe as the young are growing and learning they should learn to slow down and really see things before their older so that one day they may not have the regrets that the older sometimes have.


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