The Seeker

Who should I be?

There are days I want to be someone else, but I’ve come to see I can’t be that person.

All my life I have been there for everyone else and I thought that was maybe a bad thing, but now I see that everything I’ve done and everything I do has made me who I am.

I have always known I was meant for more.

What I didn’t know is that everything has led me to be just that (MORE) is what I’ve become since the day I decided to sit down and start writing.

I may not be famous, and some may think that what I do is stupid or a waste of time.

I have to say those people have never cared enough to give something of themselves without getting something in return.

It’s not what I get because that’s a big ZERO, what I get isn’t something you can hold in your hand or park in a driveway. It’s so much more!

I know there are only a few that take the time to read every word I put down here, but those few mean it was all worth it.

I’m not sure what you may think of me or my writing, but I’m here for each of you just like I have always been for anyone I’ve ever known, that may not be my full attention every day, but the time I give you means all the time I was away I was being there for someone else that needed me even if that person was me.

I give 100% BUT sometimes that’s divided because it needs to be.

6 Replies to “Who should I be?”

  1. There is a quote by Dr. Seuss that I absolutely love; it goes:
    “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.” Personally, I think you’re awesome!! ❤

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