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The Best May Be Broken

The Broken

So many face things that we may never see or know about, they can be teachers, doctors, or hold any higher position, but have found the strength to overcome things that they feel has held them back in life

It’s not always clear just who has had an abusive relationship or another devastating event in their lives, we could be their friend or even date them and never know what resides within them.

Most have built many walls to protect them and until something triggers a reaction it may be something we never saw before; at this moment it could be a very scary thing for those of us that care or even love them.

Try your best to LISTEN and not be scared away by whatever you may witness, most likely you are someone that they feel is close enough or they trust enough to let you in and share their story with.

You may discuss how you can best help them, and this is probably the best way to approach the situation. If you try or try to hard to do what some may call fixing them, you will or could only push them away.

Let them control what you learn about them or how fast they tell you everything.

I used photos of women because in most cases it is women that have had things like an abusive relationship or event, but I’m not saying it can’t be a man because it very well can be.

I also use the word broken BUT I don’t mean it in any bad way and the person may not be, but they still have things about them that we see as odd or different. There are many levels of broken raging from something as simple as seeming overly shy to completely breaking down for what seems like no reason.

They may need Love in their lives, but what they need most of all is someone that’s strong enough and has the understanding to let them move on with the friendship or relationship at their pace and always be there for them however they need you to be.

NOW ALL OF THIS IS MY OPINION! But I am one of those people that may have made others raise an eyebrow at times and wonder what they just walked into.


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