Vivi La Vita

How Much Hate

‘I Want Them to Pay’: Four Teens Plead No Contest in Texas High School Football Rape Scandal

Not only our souls but our very planet has 1 future!

We have to change!

5 Replies to “How Much Hate”

  1. Cowards

    Nelson Madiba Mandela said it best: We are first taught to Love then we can teach not to hate”

    Prime example of the catalyst is Brock Turner student from Stanford Uni that violent attacked and sexually assaulted unconscious helpless young woman.

    The Judge didn’t want to hinder his accolades from collegiate swimming so instead of what should be no brainer from the mass of brutality that son of bitch got 6 mths.

    For sexual assault causing bodily harm pathetic :

    His Father’s response is my son is being punished and condemn for 20mins of action where did his understanding of respect for women resonate from.

    There is many cases I could recite from injustice but the point is there is no sense of accountability anymore that needs to change.

    Hope all is well I will hit you up on Facebook because there has been a lot going on with me none of it good either.

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