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Think about your actions

We all go out for a good time.

There are a lot of things to think about while you’re out unwinding, one of which and maybe the most important is the things we do and say.

Keep in mind that you’re bartender is there to do a job as well as helping make your visit an enjoyable one. So should you happen to have a female bartender she’s not there for any shall we say colored comments.

The reason I’m writing this is because I have many female friends that happen to be bartenders and I get the pleasure of hearing about so of what they go through on a daily basis.

The young lady in the photo is someone I call friend but she and I only speak while I’m there and have never spoken of these subjects on the other hand many of my other friends have.

Now I have to say some of them may get close to the line of flirting or let you think they have, in truth they are not and will not flirt in a serious manner.

Best thing to do is go and laugh cutup and have a good time but I’m here to let you know that most female bartenders that I know really don’t welcome being hit on and trust me if they were interested they would definitely let you know lol.

Now about the female patrons, pretty much the same rules of conduct apply. Saying hello and maybe a NICE compliment will get you further and maybe a good response.

So the bottom line is be KIND and respectful while out whether with your friends or alone.

11 Replies to “Think about your actions”

  1. You would think mutual respect would be a simple thing. I think it is when it isn’t colored by false perceptions. I’ve interceded on someone’s behalf on multiple occasions and it is almost always when the other party has handicapped decision-making skills. Moderation is hard for a lot of folks but that is entirely a different subject matter.

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