The Seeker

Just when you thought there was no-one

When you think you’re alone, think again!

It doesn’t matter what life brings your way if you have faith you will find your way.

God can have many names some you may not think of in the traditional way. God, the light, goodness, kindness, and love are just some, but they are all the same thing.

You must believe in something; I say the first thing would be to believe in yourself!

What each of you has inside of yourself has the power to bring happiness and change not only your world but the world for everyone.

So, when someone says the word God you don’t have to think of religion if that is your choice, then call it whatever name that works.

I say to you there isn’t a reason to put up walls just because of a word, what matters is having faith, faith in what you want and what you need and most of all faith in YOU!

I for one have been through many trials and I still go through them every day, but I find the strength to keep moving forward, I may listen to music because YES some use music to spread what they feel is important like Faith, Love, Humanity and so on, but what they are trying to spread is more than just words it’s a way of life.

I’m NOT trying to preach or make anyone believe in God!

What I am trying to do is show everyone that you have a choice, a choice to be GOOD or not to be, that’s all I feel any religion is really trying to do. Nobody is telling you how you should live your life.

The question is what kind of heart do you have?

Find the Goodness within and let the light shine for all to see!

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