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Spouse Abuse

There are all kinds of Spouse Abuse, I have discussed this before, but today I want to touch on the less recognized abuse.

We all look for someone that we would like to spend the rest of our lives with and have everything they could ever ask for, and some do just that, or do they?

We meet someone while out with friends or in today’s world maybe we meet them with the help of a dating app. There are hundreds of ways that we meet THE ONE. Sadly, the one is the one person that winds up being what leaves some torn and broken,

Once we meet them we fall in love and wind up in a marriage or other type of union that we see lasting for the rest of our lives, for the longest time things are great and we are happier than we thought we ever would be. We get a home and maybe have kids and then it starts, most of the time it’s so slow that we don’t even see it or recognize what’s happening.

Friends and sometimes family will say you’re bored or stuck in a rut and that it happens to everyone, but I’m sorry to say their WRONG!

It’s none of those things or what else you might hear, the reason they say this is because they never saw it any other way when it happened to them. They will say to try new things to add the spice back, that’s not going to help in the long run, it will band-aid the situation but then in time it returns.

Your thoughts, concerns, and feelings are NOT something that should be ignored.

I used the male in this because it seems most of the time it is the male and how they view things that cause the problems, but it can be the female in some cases.

Men seem to do things that lead to the case because they forget just how much attention they gave in the beginning, it wasn’t something they did when they wanted attention nor was it every now and then, the good times were there ALL the time because they were in love and everything was new. I’m not sure how most forget all the things they did that led them to become the most important thing in their wives lives but sadly they do.

Now this could be either the male or female, the sense that the other partner has changed in the way they look or act but lets face facts, we do change for a number of reasons and the one that impacts us the most is simply age, but we took the one we married in love, not physical appearance.

I’ve even known men to seek being aroused by watching porn while married or with a girlfriend, come on guys that’s just wrong!

Maybe it’s something that could be fixed by looking in a mirror, you’re not 20 anymore either, and the woman in your bed is the only one that you should be concerned with!

Now getting back to the ignored part of this, if both parties are doing the things we seek and I’m not just talking about the bedroom and I’m not leaving it out either, but if we are giving in our attentions whether it’s the male or female then the partner we have won’t have a reason to look anywhere other than HOME for what they are needing. Love, Compassion, Romance, listening to their feelings and yes even sex.

Ignoring whatever it is your partner is needing is abuse whether you see it or not because this is something that most of the time causes divorce, we all have needs and wants in life and one of them is being heard and knowing the other person is always there for you. Listening and caring and working on things is not just a one-way street it takes BOTH parties.

3 Replies to “Spouse Abuse”

  1. Asked yourself this …

    When is the last time you had anyone tell you that they were engaged in physical cognitive conversation with someone without a device in their hand?

    My sentiment would be outta 10 ppl maybe 2 that should be a rude awakening of how isolated so many are and its self inflicted.

    As I’ve said before Storms come and go trying to ripped you into shreds some of those are forged and take shape from your own I’ll will and then you wonder what happens to you when the sky opens up and floods pouring down eroding your foundation.

    Luas dia I do thuras


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