Vivi La Vita

Life’s Pressure

I hope that this helps someone so I letting you know it’s not just a music video.

While watching The Magicians today I have been trying to figure out why I’ve been in shall we say such a BLAH mood all day long and I think I know a little of the reason.

Mostly because it really doesn’t matter how often I write or how many posts I publish, it’s sometimes hard to take my own advice, so I sit and without knowing what’s happening I’m letting the pressures of life consume me.

So here I am writing this blog to let you know my life isn’t peaches and cream, it’s really hard most of the time, so hard that somedays I do wonder why I’m still here or how much I must endure before it finally ends. I can write and tell you the thoughts I have but in truth, I hide many of them.

I have always taken care of myself and never asked for anything even when I was backed into a corner, I decided it’s my life and I can’t put that on anyone else. Yet here I am, so maybe I and YOU should pay more attention to what I do say and do share with each of you. I do it because in MY HEART I do believe what I write and if we can all come together as one and not so much worried only about ourselves, we can change NOT ONLY OUR LIVES BUT MAYBE SOMEONE ELSES IN THE PROCESS.

If we really believe what we write and it’s not just words, then this IS what we should be doing every second of every day.

Unity is the KEY!

How long do you really think we have?

Please unite not just as bloggers or writers but as friends across this great world we have all been given.

If we can do this and change not only the way we do things but change the world itself, just think how many lives we will touch and how many lives we could SAVE!

Most out there only want to know that there really is HOPE and a chance for happiness, now I’m here telling you all these things because each of you have shown me there is a path. A true path that we do share but not all of us are connected while walking this path, we are separate or divided when we should be side by side.

If it wasn’t for all of my readers and friends that I’ve made here, I’m not really sure where I would be so I want to thank each of you for every like but most of all for your comments and actually taking the time to connect with me on a personal level.

We all want to do what’s right so when we sit in front of our computers or cellphones and begin to jot down words that we hope makes their way to someone that not only likes what we said and gives a nice comment about them, but makes their way to someone that is searching and maybe really needing to hear what we have to say.

When you think about what to write try looking towards the internet and see just how many people we lose just because they couldn’t find the answers they needed or couldn’t find the one hand that was reached out for them.

Then look inside your heart and let the words you feel flow outward until they reach those that need your help.

My love and my heart is there for all of you, and for those that may need a shoulder or maybe just a hand to pick them back up and set them on the right path again.

I hope a few of you have taken the time to read this and I hope more so that it made its way to someone that needs to know there are not only one or two, but many people out there that are willing and trying to be there for them.

11 Replies to “Life’s Pressure”

  1. Very impactful James ,

    I can relate first hand how unrelenting the constant Roller Coaster is and can be very unforgiving. There are times where I got nothing left because I ‘ve been reduced to frailty of the Raw Me…

    I will never keep fighting my will and to live Storms come n go it seems they intensify with each coming. There is no calm before the storm that is nothing more then a mirage of deception.

    The day I fold is the day I quit and trust me there are many times I come very close to it being game over, You want to live and persevere then you need to forged your conviction.

    Luas Dia i do thuras



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  2. You need to have a circle. People who you trust. People who have your back, and you have theirs. We aren’t put on this planet, surrounded by other people, to go it alone. Someone told me a long time ago that you can’t expect people to meet your needs if you don’t tell them what those needs are. I am reminded of that often…and since I often use my blog to figure out what’s going on, that comes up often.

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  3. “Please unite not just as bloggers or writers but as friends across this great world we have all been given.” Words 👌 and I totally agree with you, we never know WHEN or to WHAT EXTENT, things we write and share with the world may have an impact on the lives of other people.

    Have a nice day!!

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  4. This is absolutely beautiful James, and I hope you heed your own advice and read your own words when you find yourself in those dark places. You are not alone, my friend. I and many others are right there with you! I hope you find something that brings a smile to your face today! ❤

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