Vivi La Vita

The haunting Lady

As I walk under the moonlight, I can still see her.

Her body glistening as the moon shines upon her skin.

From where she came, I do not know.

The moment I saw her I was enchanted, not from her beauty but from a feeling of peace.

One night, one smile, one embrace.

When I walk under the moonlight she still resides in my heart until she appears once again.

The days have become to long as I dream only of it ending, with a sunset to remind me the night is soon to arrive.

Every night she comes to me, but only to leave once again with a tender kiss that touches my soul.

Why she comes I do not know.

My life now begins every night and ends just before daylight.

This haunting lady of the night, I hope to one day walk with me beneath the sun.


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