Vivi La Vita

Life’s Hurdles

I was outside over the weekend sitting on my porch when I saw these beautiful creatures.

While I was sitting there I had been thinking about some people that I know and the stories they had told me of things that had happened to them and I have to say my heart began to weep.

First I have to say that men make it so hard for those of us that have a good heart and try to have something real, whether it’s a relationship or simply friendship with the opposite sex.

So many women have been hurt by the hands or minds of men and in some cases both, I really can’t understand why men think they have to play games and mistreat women to the point that they can no longer trust a man.

I too have been hurt by women and I wonder if at some point they have been torn by a man and this was their way of getting even with all men.

Have the days of LOVE and admiration gone?

I know that the need for these things are important and deep within us all, it’s still something we not only want but we need in our lives.

The hurdles are still there for both parties to jump over until humanity sees that all that really matters is finding love and making it the most important goal and not just seeing how many we can have a sexual relationship with.

I have told female and male friends the only piece of advice that I can offer, may be if we keep finding disappointment in our relationships it’s time to start looking at what we usually don’t think of, in other words, the TYPE of person we normally go for simply isn’t working so look at others that you wouldn’t think of.

Think of it this way if you were on a medication that always made you feel bad or was toxic in some way would you continue taking it or would you seek another option?

I did a post that might have said it better, instead of looking with your eyes try looking with your heart!

To both women and men: There are the good ones out there, but you have to search and they may not be so close that it’s easy to find them so do what it takes to find them and then fight with all your being to get with them. They have been searching for you too.

14 Replies to “Life’s Hurdles”

    1. 1st I have to say I’m sorry! for whatever reason I didn’t see this comment, it was in a pending folder. 2nd. I want to say you’re very right, the person we search for sometimes has always been around we just never saw them that way.


  1. Agreed! We all deserve to be loved, we deserve to be treated fairly. We deserve to spend our lives with someone who makes us feel safe not someone who makes us feel confused, disrespected and forgotten.

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