Vivi La Vita

Thoughts of the Unexplained

I’ve done something different today, I spent a good part of it watching YouTube videos which isn’t that odd but I was watching some pretty bazaar things that got me to thinking.

We really should consider that there are a lot of unknowns in the world and even an everyday choice can really have some unexpected results.

The most innocent intentions can have catastrophic consequences with little to no warnings at all.

Then there are those people that seem to want to press the boundaries of pretty much everything. We don’t live in a world that should be taken lightly anymore.

Billions of people live amount us and let’s face it, not all of them are exactly shall we say sane, or at best they are living in their own world where in their minds they are all that matters.

I have seen some pretty unexplained things and have mentioned a few of them and others I have yet to tell. In any case if I can see some of the things that I have where I live and there really isn’t that many people, I can only imagine what it could be like living among say a city of thousands.

Getting back to some of the unexplained things that just make no sense whatsoever, small example and this is a good one, I was in a hurry one day and yeah may have been traveling faster than I should (already fussed at myself) but for no apparent reason as I was toping a hill I slowed WAY down and in a split second a car was backing out onto the road.

Had I not slowed I wouldn’t be here to tell that story.

Now in the same aspect very bad things can and have happened without a reason, so I have to ask why or was it just the cosmos doing what it does, taking some from this earth while leaving someone less than a foot away.

If you’re a adrenaline junkie, a rock climber, or just an everyday joe like myself there’s one thing to remember.

Once you say or do something You can’t ever unring that bell.

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