The Seeker

I met an angel

I searched the night for some sort of salvation and just when I thought my search was in vain and the night was coming to a close, I met someone that showed me so much more than I ever expected to find.

She was surrounded by her sisters and at first, didn’t see me, and I had no idea that she was what I had been searching for. I only knew I felt a powerful need to simply say hello and then go on my way and continue my search.

When I finally got enough courage, I walked towards them and said hello, could I ask you a question and from that point, I saw so much strength and conviction that I could not allow myself to walk away. Her sisters looked at me and I knew they could tell I was a lost soul, but I tried to cover it up to not reveal just how lost I really was.

The longer we spoke the more I could sense that her sisters were there for her and not for any other souls that night. She had her own story to tell and I was maybe the one she needed to tell it to.

She felt not lost, but a little broken and needed her own light to return to her. She had fallen from her own grace and for an angel that’s something that is so much their entire meaning in this crazy world. She shed so many tears and with a quivering voice told me of such things that I to began to weep, her story was one that touched my heart and showed me that all my faults and feelings about my life were really nothing in comparison.

I didn’t know how to act or respond to what she was telling me so I decided that what she needed the most was to be let get it out and for me just to listen, so I held her as comforting as I could without letting it seem more than what it was.

Her story was one of betrayal, heartbreak, torture, and really so much more than I could ever put into words, and even if I could I wouldn’t because these were her stories, not mine. These were things that only she knew and only she could share as she wished.

At the end of the night I knew she wanted, needed to be loved and I was wanting to share that with her but I knew this was not the time or place for us to do that, she really needed to be shown she was worth so much more than that.

A lost or broken angel she had become from the hands of another and I only wanted my hands to be remembered as LOVE, but not as I love you, only that what light I may have I’m giving to you!

In essence what I thought I was searching for to make me a better person or to have a better soul was in fact, a search for someone else that was really needing.

6 Replies to “I met an angel”

    1. The male was me, but the male described nobody would ever see. This wasn’t as fictional as it was the most profound moment in my life. I truly gave as much of the light as I could and asked nothing in return. in fact, I resisted what was offered for this angel was torn and confused. She only needed to see what she truly was. Strong, Loving, and full of her own light that she burried deep inside herself.


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