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Finally Being FREE

Are you to live your life any other way than as your own?

I never have understood why ANYONE would follow the crowd, or listen when they say you’re doing things wrong or not the way you’re supposed to. This is YOUR life and no one else’s!

Live it the way you see fit for YOU!

When we are gone and forgotten will it really matter how you did things?

Will it matter if your partner in life doesn’t get why you changed and left? You never changed, you were changing who you are for them and you couldn’t ever be happy that way, not living your life the way you want it to be,

You simply can’t be happy being something your not.

Sometimes when it comes to your job you might hear, if you didn’t always want to do things your way you may have moved up by now, I know I have more than once, but in my case, it wasn’t doing them my way it was being who I am. I saw a way that it worked better and faster, so I implemented it. It still worked out the same with no flaws but it just wasn’t how they wanted it done. It didn’t matter that I saved them money in the process, so this is when I decided it was time to move on.

Moving on sometimes is the correct answer.

When I look back on my life and all of my decisions I really don’t regret very many at all, sure I have made mistakes and I paid for those one way or the other, but they were too little to really worry about or regret. I’m not saying to be a rebel or to fight the system of things, I’m only saying that a person has to be who they are in this world and if you can’t then you may think about making changes so that you can finally be who you are, just like the job change I told you about, I found a job that loved my ideas and I’m even being paid more than I was before and doing exactly what the other job didn’t like.

I know for a lot of people change is hard and maybe even harder on those that it could impact, but is it better to drag things out for you and for them? I’ve heard so many reasons why others weren’t doing what they wanted or needed to be doing and it really rips at my heart that they feel they need to stay in a situation that is only making things harder and taking its toll on them.

I think your life as a whole needs to be lived where and how you want to live, I believe if you are a tomboy and others say you’re not being a lady then you need to show them this is you. If a marriage isn’t what you thought it should be then later isn’t the time to change it, now is or maybe you need to leave so you both can finally be happy. If you’re not happy at your job then find another one that you can go to every day and enjoy being there. If you have friends that make you feel better and some other friends tease you about them then it’s time to choose who is really being a friend.

POINT IS, THIS IS YOUR LIFE AND IT’S SHORT, live it or regret it later the choice is yours to make.


12 Replies to “Finally Being FREE”

  1. Sometimes the hardest part is actually REALISING how unhappy you are. Sometimes it’s so subtle too. You don’t know who you are anymore, so you don’t realise that you are not being you. And we cruise along in neutral sometimes, thinking everything is fine, but when if we look down we suddenly realise there is a hole where our heart used to be 😣 and it’s not till that point that you feel the shock and see the truth about your life!
    Cool post, James 💞

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  2. Well said James

    Others choose to bow down for acceptance of the flock.

    Fuck that I live my life by my own code those that are in my pack I would and will lay my life down to protect theirs.

    Others that don’t know me see what I let them I will never lower nor compromised my conviction for the sake of blending with the flock.

    In the end my greatest testament, for the Alpha will come from the walk I take alone “many start with you but when final chapter begins to reveal the conclusion to story .

    You will always be standing at the peak in absolution of valour.


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    1. true! The Alpha is the leader, but also only one. The flock is many and will protect the Alpha so that the flock continues. Without the Alpha and the flock as a whole they are weakened.


      1. There is no Alpha in the flock sheep follow the leader like blind fools. Hence why sheep are stupid, Unlike the Alpha Wolf they will stand by their pack as watchful guardian but also not afraid to wager standing head to head with adversary.

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