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So Many Questions

Being a father of three wonderful children I worry so much about them and what all I know they are going to face as they become young adults. I know they feel they are already adults and in some ways they are, but in other ways they are still very much children. I know this is hard for them to understand and would disagree very strongly, but the fact remains they are very young and even though they are well educated and level headed they really don’t know everything that is yet to come.

Some of you may have seen this photo and know the story, it was a very young girl that was bullied and in the end, she took her life. I’m not saying this will happen to most of the young people out there but it has become something that happens all to often.

When we are in our teens or even young adults we don’t understand that our minds are still growing and learning how to process and cope with the things that will come into their lives, things they will face themselves or things they may witness.

They think they are strong until the weakness comes and begins to consume them, when this happens I know it can become something that is beyond them to fight alone, yet so many choose to do just that. This is NEVER a good choice, I am well into my life and I still need friends, family, someone to listen or to just be with me until I regain that HOPE that I know resides within me.

When you’re alone is the worst thing to EVER be when depression strikes or even just battling the things that seem so endless. Being alone only allows the darkness to grow and we all at times need someone to show us the light.

The paths of life are not always clear and we need direction even if we don’t want to admit it.

Sometimes choices are not always the right ones and we make mistakes, but that’s why we are given free will so that we can choose and so that we can learn, but that never means that the choices have to be made without the direction of someone you trust to give the best advice.

I know it’s not always easy to ask parents for help or anyone for that matter, but someone that may be a little older most likely has been where you are and knows what you’re facing and knows in a lot of cases exactly what you’re going through. They won’t try and demand you do things they want you to, but they will offer all the advice that they can give you.

All any of us want for our young people is to live their lives, grow older, and be as happy in this world as they possibly can!

Remember my message to the young: There is ALWAYS a hand waiting for yours.

11 Replies to “So Many Questions”

  1. I love this! It hurts my heart that so many people feel that the only way they can escape bullying is by ending their lives. I so badly want to let them know that it gets better after high school. Yes, there are still bullies, but the adult friendships I’ve made far surpass the ones in my younger years, with the exception of my childhood best friend, she’s still in my life & we’re very close. I feel very blessed, not many people can say they have had the same best friend for thirty years!! She’s been with me since we were 5! Anyway, I can only speak for myself, and while I did listen to my elders to an extent, there are somethings in life that I needed to learn for myself. Choices & mistakes I needed to make in order to learn those life lessons. I think this is true for all young people, and now that I’m quickly approaching 35, I know myself better than I ever have, and I tend to listen more to my elders, because not only have I gained much respect for them. I understand they’ve been around the block more than a few times, & they can help guide me towards better choices.

    Nice post, and I know telling you not to worry too much about your children is like telling you not to breathe. You will always worry about them, even when they’re older & have families of their own. Parents never stop worrying about their children, but you just have trust that the morals you’ve instilled in them will stay with them, & they won’t fall too far off the beaten path. ❤

    As for being lonely, you are right. Everyone needs someone they can reach out to, especially during the dark times. I hope you are well, my friend!

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    1. First I want to say your comment brought a tear, I’m feeling a little emotional today. I do thank you so so much for the wonderful comment! I may be a little older than you but I will always feel like I’m 30 LOL and I remember what it was like to actually be 30, so many thoughts of what was to come and so confused at times,
      I do worry about my children, but I also worry about so many that I know are out there and feel they have no-one they can turn to.
      Sometimes I may sound as if I’m preaching and maybe I am, but there has to be someone that cares enough to put it on the line and be blunt at times.

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  2. Oh this was a very moving post. This message needs to be heard again and again and again! This world is tough enough as it is without the horrific reality that bullying is going on and in such a big way. Keep on spreading the truth, dear friend!!

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    1. Not asking you to but if you should ever feel the need you’re welcome to repost any of my work. I try to spread as much goodness as I can, but I am still new here and bulding a following or at least trying to.

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  3. Great content, parents will always be parents. I am 33 years old, married for 5 years, with my own career. BUT everytime I am going to make a life changing decision, I always make sure I ask advice from my parents, husband, and friends. 🙂 I cannot do this alone. 🙂

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  4. Enjoyed this post you sum it up nicely by saying “The paths of life are not always clear and we need direction even if we don’t want to admit it” this is something I often say to my clients. I also have found if we stop and truly listen to youth/young adults we can truly guide them instead many adults interrupt them and/or bot listening as there waiting to shout a reply back…

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