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Photography While Traveling Cars Bikes and Things

I always keep a camera with me, that is rule #1 when in Photography.

You never know where or when you’ll see something that you wished you had a camera since I really don’t want to keep an expensive camera in the car all the time I picked up one at Best Buy for around $300 and that’s the one that goes everywhere with me.

I seem to always be on the go and never know what’s out there so, I and my camera are the best of traveling buds, I don’t always take it if I’m just walking around town but it is in the car and still pretty handy should I run across something.

This I had to take a photo of because I looked at it from every angle and could NOT see how it possibly happened. It was a simple left turn with no oncoming traffic at the time.

Here are a couple of cars that just got my attention while dinning out.

These are what I call YOU JUST DON’T SEE EVERY DAY.

A few bikes that caught my eye.

Love pets and the things they do.

Below are a few random photos that I hope you enjoy.

Ok guys and Gals I’ve been pretty busy this weekend and think I need a few ZZZZZZZZ’S but I will return soon, I hope all of you enjoyed the photo’s and maybe even got a smile from a couple. Take care and always keep that camera! I rather have you saying I GOT IT and NOT! #$%^&* missed it.

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