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Is Being Smart a Bad Thing?

I have known many women and YES, a lot of them were smarter than myself.

I never understood why some men have a problem with this, I not only appreciate a smart woman I really do think it’s a sexy thing on many levels.

Still, there are those that look down their noses at women or give them a hard time in the workplace, this is simply uncalled for.

When a boss treats another person like they’re beneath them, it really doesn’t matter what their sex is, it makes them feel like a very small person. I feel it’s even worse when it’s a female. I know many women that are more qualified than the men that have the same job or the men have even been picked in favor over the women.

Most women work harder and put in more hours than a male doing the same job because most of the time they feel they have to, they should be put on a pedestal for their efforts rather than presumed to be less than what they are.

I know some males are unsure how to approach a woman that they know is very educated, but if they would stop using their brains and start using their hearts they may find that there can be a lot more than they ever expected.

A smart woman has just as much love like any other woman and to be truthful they may know more love because they know brains aren’t always chosen over beauty. I’m not saying a smart woman isn’t pretty I stated how I felt above. I’m only saying some men go for or think beauty is easier of a challenge than a smart woman, I also want to remark YES the most beautiful woman can be smart as well, whew! I hope I made that clear and not going to have a target on my back.

Now before any of the men get up in arms I’m NOT saying you don’t work hard whether it’s construction or in an office or whatever your job is.

I also KNOW a lot of you put in the hours as well, I have been in BOTH positions and have felt my back and brain ache from all the work I put in.

I’m only stating that there are those in higher positions that have and do make life for some women much harder than they should.

16 Replies to “Is Being Smart a Bad Thing?”

  1. Yes!!! Preach!!! There is a man that I work with who treats me like crap because of my intelligence. He hates it when I bring good ideas to the table, or when the CEO chooses me to help with certain projects. Of course, this particular individual thinks he knows everything about everything. Lol!! When I was dating I also had men tell me I intimidated them with my intelligence. Yes, I’m smart, but I’m also a huge goofball & a lover of many things! I think being with someone you can act silly with, but also carry an intellectual conversation with is admirable. I never got that!!

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    1. I have had the same problem with a boss, sometimes I think it’s a requirement when they hire them lol
      Don’t talk about what you’ll do or can do always let the results speak for you. And with dating yes yes yes it’s very hard. I’m a male but 1st I respect women and 2nd I need someone I can talk with on a higher level. I’m not a Genius but I’m not stupid either.


        1. That’s great! You’ll surpass him one day.
          I’d like to talk more sometime if you would like.
          Seem like a good a decent person.
          Keep your head up and one step ahead of the rest


  2. So great to hear this from a guy! I’ve had negative reactions from numerous guys at work when I show them up, which is never very hard to do. And i’ve been harassed by bosses like some piece of meat that didn’t work her tail off getting good qualifications. I hate it that no matter how hard you work, how qualified you get, with some people (woman do this too!!!) in the end you are just a mere girl. Three cheers for this post, James! I wish more men had the brains to figure this out! 😃

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