The Seeker

Defining a Muse

What is a Muse?

My muse began as a thought or an urgency to leave something of ME for my children, if you have read some of my other blogs then you know that story.

If you look up the definition of a Muse there are several, but they define it as something that drives you.

Something as simple as a great painting can be a Muse. If it speaks to you and makes you want to create.

Your version of a beautiful woman can be a Muse, maybe a singer, poet, actress, if even a photo of them gives you inspiration.

A Muse varies from person to person.

The love of your life might be your Muse when she’s around or you have a photo of her or have her on your mind.

For me, my Muse is a combination of things and depends on what subject I may be wanting to write about. To be honest my biggest muse is YOU the readers, as long as I see that my writing is being enjoyed and maybe making a difference to someone out there.

When it really comes down to the bottom line everyone’s muse resides in themselves. They only think it takes something else to drive them into their creative mood. However, as I said above my readers inspire me, and their blogs inspire me. I would not still be here writing, thinking, putting life on hold, if it wasn’t for all of you. You are making me a better person and filling my heart with so much more than it ever knew.

So, I say find that one thing or combination of things that make you want to create and then WRITE, or whatever your talent may be. We are here waiting to see what YOU create for US.

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