The Seeker

Queen Grimoire

Her name was Grimoire and her beauty was only matched by her fierceness.

I never knew of a woman quite like her, she was the strongest woman I have ever known; she ruled with wisdom, beauty, and the strength of which I have never seen, she was not one to be reckoned with. Every now and then a man would come along that thought he could tame her, but all he saw was her beauty and the feeling of wanting overcame his judgment, and this is when she would strike with all the powers the gods bestowed upon her.

Her sisters were just as heartless, each possessed their own strengths, and none had much love for man.

I only knew Grimoire by name and the stories I was told of all the lands she and her sisters had conquered, the day came that we crossed paths and to this day I still wonder why she allowed me to walk away. She was hunting for a book that she said possessed the same name as her, I had heard of such a book it was told to have incantations for various things.

When she approached me I felt weak in her presence, she was more beautiful than Venus herself, I remembered this was one of her powers and I remembered the stories of how she could leave a man in a trance from which he would never return, so I did my best not to look her directly in the eye, she asked if I knew of the book, I replied that I did but was unsure where it was, the last I knew of it a man by the name of Solomon owned it and was heavily guarded. She said NO MAN owned it and she would have it for herself.

I dared not speak, I knew if I had she would have slain me where I stood, I looked away and uttered yes, my queen. She took my hand and demanded I look her in the eye and swear my allegiance to her and her sisters, I did so without delay. She then said to come to her castle that next night near the ocean’s triangle, a place of mysterious occurrences.

I had no thoughts other than this was something I had to do, or she and her sisters may destroy everyone I had ever loved, so I said with a shaky voice that I would be there as she requested.

Part two: The meeting

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