The Seeker

The Breakup

She gave her heart and lost herself.

They met like most do through friends, everything came together as the more they were around each other the more things seemed to be perfect.

One day he asked, will you marry me, she was so happy to hear those words and of course said yes. The next few years went by and for the most part, everything was fine but with every passing day, she started feeling something was missing so she implanted herself into her education and her work thinking this was the problem and it did help for a while.

Still, there was a void what it was she wasn’t sure, but it was there.

This is when she tried finding hobbies to fill the rest of her time and make the feeling subside. That’s when she realized the time, she was filling should be filled already. So, she tried filling that time with her husband and the candle seemed to be relit. Things were good again they went places together, personal time was great, and she felt whole again.

Time passed and it seemed that things were slowly going backward again, the void was back. So, she came up with idea’s even tried taking the reins of their love and led things in the direction they should be going. Then one day she was paying attention to how others were interacting, while they were out.

This is when it came to her that all she had been doing to fix things and make the void go away she shouldn’t have to be doing if things were as good as they should be. He was a good man that much was sure, but the void was there and growing, growing to the point that she couldn’t take it any longer and sat her husband down and tried yet again to talk about the things she was feeling, but there seemed to be no way to make him understand. It wasn’t him or the things he was doing, it wasn’t she felt he had cheated on her she knew better than that, but it was the things not being done. The things not being said, the overall feeling that really should be there.

That’s when she decided to take things into her own hands and tell him she must be going her own way. So many years have passed already, and it was better to do this now rather than wait and maybe it gets to the point that they hated each other. She never wants that, she did love him, but she also knew She and he should be happy and if they were going to find true happiness then this hard act had to take place.

3 Replies to “The Breakup”

  1. This is an interesting view but other family members weren’t mentioned. This breakup would likely have an adverse effect on others, especially if there were children. We have to consider more than just our own happiness. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. —- Suzanne

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    1. I had already done another blog thinking about the effects on the children, but I have to say in my case the children could sense that things weren’t good as I think all children can. And again in my case, their only spoken concern was they wished I would remarry because they thought I was lonely. I didn’t see staying in a bad relationship good for myself or them mentaly or physicaly.


  2. I don’t believe it’s good to stay in a marriage if there is constant cheating by one of the marriage partners with no possibility of it ending or if there’s physical or mental abuse. You said the other partner was not cheating or abusive. In that case, marriage counseling should be tried. Yes, children might suggest a breakup but constant fighting is hard on children and they might suggest a separation of the parents to relieve the strain. That doesn’t mean they want to see it happen. They haven’t as yet experienced trying to live with parents that have separated. Also, they are not experts so why would you listen and follow their advice. I would want advice from an expert, not children who are disturbed by the situation. I don’t know the situation from both sides of course, so I can’t judge. I would hesitate to rush into another marriage right away. We need to remember that rush of instant romantic love is usually not the kind that lasts. Sometimes real love needs time. Be careful you’re not expecting that first love to last and are just bored because it hasn’t so are justifying a breakup. in your own mind to seek that rush of excitement again. In the end, of course, it’s your call but be very careful and don’t rush into anything. If it already happened, it’s too late for this advice. —- Suzanne

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