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You’re Beautiful

STOP comparing!

I have known so many women that look at themselves and other women and compare themselves, I have never understood this.

It doesn’t matter who you are or even what you see in the mirror, I have never known an ugly woman, each of you are beautiful and if you would just see that, you would see what the rest of us do.

Outer beauty isn’t your reflection, it is what comes from inside of you if you think you’re unattractive then that’s what you will become but when you think about how beautiful you really are then that’s what others will see.

Outer beauty is nothing but a reflection of inner beauty!

If you really want to be beautiful then worry about what’s really on the inside.

It DOES NOT matter: your age, size, tall, short, none of that is what makes a person who they are.

I myself am FAR I mean REALLY FAR from being a Brad Pitt type of guy, or whoever you might think of as a handsome man, but I know what I feel inside and how I project that onto others.

Sure I’ve been turned down when asking someone out on a date but that’s because they never took the time to know me. I have been told so many times that one main reason they decided to go out with me was because of how I acted when around them, I was never cocky but I did have confidence, along with being so upbeat and fun to be with.

Stop overthinking and stop comparing! You have within you to be as beautiful as any other woman or as handsome as any other man.

If someone doesn’t take the time to get to know you then most likely they weren’t worth your time in the first place.


6 Replies to “You’re Beautiful”

  1. This popped up as a recommended post I should read, and I’m really glad I did! I really needed this today, I’ve been so hard on myself lately. I’m happy for the reminder. I have a bad habit of comparing, and I know I shouldn’t. Deep down I am proud to be my own woman, but I can’t help but want to change certain things, sometimes all I see when I look in the mirror is flaws.

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