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For the Men

I usually don’t gear a lot of my blogs toward men but I stated in another blog that I am starting things over and with that, I thought this would be a good change.

I know a lot of men suffer from thinning or balding hair and with age, I’m right there with you. Mine hasn’t gotten bad but it has thinned over the years.

I really am unclear why men worry about this, I do have a little vanity but when I look around myself and all that has changed in the world and how people aren’t really being judged as harshly as in the past I don’t see a problem with it.

I know these are actors but let’s look at the reality of it, if there was a way to change the facts of losing hair, these men surely have enough money to do so.

So, there’s either NO WAY to change what’s happening in which case they would have or there’s really NO reason for us to worry as much as some do.

It happens at all ages, and to all races, there is no discrimination towards any of us.

We are born with this and there’s really no reason to put so much time and effort into the stressing that a lot of men do, not to mention the hundreads of dollars some have spent.

Live your life and only worry about the things that we KNOW we can change.

If you’re a good man with a good heart the rest isn’t all that important.


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