The Seeker

Do People Change?

I used to think that people don’t change but now I have many views that may prove that wrong.

Let me know your thoughts in a comment.

For me both of these quotes are correct.

I think for me it took my coming here to realize who and what I truly am.

Since I began this journey with all of you, I have become a person so much better than how I began.

I have changed in the way I think and the way I feel but for me, that is a good thing, and I owe a lot of it to YOU the readers and the friends I have made here.

I can’t say that I was bad, but I was lost and on a path to self-destruction along with several other qualities that I shouldn’t have ever had.

The first quote is correct because I have found or revealed who I truly am. The second is true because I feel that all of this opened my mind to a growth it has been searching for.

I have been told you have a lot going on in there (my mind) don’t you.

I admit my mind goes what seems like wide open from the time I awaken until the time my mind finally passes out and I can sleep.

Since I’ve been here my mind and body have become so much calmer and more rested. I believe it’s because a lot of what I have spinning around in my mind, I have begun to share. Even though it may not be everything it is enough that I am so much happier and content.

So, YES people do change whether it’s because they finally found themselves, or because they have freed their minds of whatever was keeping them confined to who they thought they were.

Open your eyes, hearts, and mind to the possibility that you aren’t who you think you are, but a much better person.


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