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Light Up My Life

I bought this for one purpose to light a candle in memory of those I’m missing in my life.

I light it for one family member at a time that has left this world to let them know they are always in my thoughts, I also light it for friends that lost their lives in one way or another to let them know they are missed, I also light it when I’m just missing someone like my children that have moved off to start their life in this world.

For me it’s not all about the loss you see, it’s about anyone that I have loved in some way and at that moment I may be missing them the most.

I sit at home in the dark and sometimes writing, music, nor anything else really helped, a vision of them would enter my mind and this was a way I could devote my time and thoughts just for them.

We can’t always have the time we want to share with our loved ones, life is a busy thing and it demands so much of us that we can’t always just stop and see the ones that we really want to, so I light a candle for that person and hope that they can feel my presence with them.

Each of them has or do light up my life in so many ways that this was also a way to express that.

4 Replies to “Light Up My Life”

  1. What a lovely way of remembering the ones you love. So often we forget to take that time to just stop and be grateful for the joy that people have, or do, add to our lives 😁

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