The Seeker

Greener Pastures

I know we all have times when ANYWHERE would be better than where we are.

Dreaming of all the beautiful places in the world or thinking about a better job. It doesn’t really matter why our concerns have changed only that they have.

Maybe we just simply are not happy with the way our life is going. Friends and family would give you what they think is good advice and it may be, but there is a time in life maybe while your younger or when you have gotten older in life. The time we get this feeling is different for us all but when that time comes I don’t feel it should be ignored.

Things do happen for a reason, whether it’s god’s will or the voices in our heads telling us that there is something or maybe someone awaiting us.

A person can read a book or listen to a song and get something out of it that nobody else does, this is first of all because we are not all made alike and second because some of us have maybe another sense about us that makes us even more different than the people we know.

There is a place deep within us that sometimes lays dormant for some or most of our lives but then something during our lives wakes it up. This is the thing that tells us it’s time, time to change our lives or where we are. Now sadly a lot of times we choose to ignore this feeling or we let others tell us it’s normal to have these feelings at some point in our lives but it’s really not what we think and so we never make the change that in reality, we needed.

God works in mysterious ways and so do our needs, so I say when we get these feelings they should NOT be ignored, maybe we were meant to be doing something that has more meaning than we or the people around us can even understand.

I choose to believe each of us is here for a reason.

We have no idea what our purpose is for being here, but when we get this feeling of change maybe it’s to be in a certain place at a certain time to save a life, or to simply just be there and the plan revealed at a later time.

I’m not saying that the feeling of change can’t just be the grass is always greener somewhere else, because it could be, but without searching our hearts and souls and paying attention to the pulling we are having at them and then making a decision to follow them or not, well then we may never know.


3 Replies to “Greener Pastures”

  1. That is very well said!! All too often we don’t make that change because others are against it and so it makes us doubt. But those same people can’t give a proper reason for being against the idea. But because that doubt has been put there,then we hold back. I made that mistake, and lost. Great post!

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