Vivi La Vita

Shooting Star

Like a shooting star we can all burn bright along our journey

Not everyone see’s a shooting star before it burns up and is gone forever.

But for those that gazed at its beauty, they left with a smile and a feeling of amazement.

It comes out of the abyss and shoots across the sky with bright and vivid colors, while following it is a tail showing the path it traveled.

When it reaches the end of its journey it simply vanishes or plummets to the earth and leaves its mark so we know it was here.

2 Replies to “Shooting Star”

  1. If your desires within your grasp not reaching high enough” the one sets your limitations is you…You alone.

    You say I am afraid what if I fail so what if you do ,how do you know what you’re made of without wagering the Risk ?

    How you respond to adversity is what matters most either you will Rise up like shooting Star shuttering across the penumbra sky or smouldering into extinguished amber.



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