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Identical twins

As a father of Identical Twins I have to say it’s been more that I could have ever wanted.

So many memories and so many stories I could tell.

But I want to say that no matter what came their way they were and always will be there for the other one.

Exactly the same but so different.

Both filled with love, both filled with more feelings than I have ever seen.

They have a big brother and their love for him is more than he can even understand.

Their love for life is only surpassed by their love for each other.


My son was the first child and I remember talking to him one night over him crying in his room, When I asked him what he was crying about he said he wanted a brother or sister that he could love and share things with.

It was long after that the twins were born and that son of mine took better care of them than most parents would.

But that’s another story this is about my twins.

I’ve never written about my family much and a lot of what I write is taken from life itself.

I found a photo this morning and it mad me sad, happy, excited, but most of all it made me compelled.

So here I sit telling a story that could never come close to the way all my children have made my life better than it could have ever been without them.

I have no favorites between any of them they all make me complete in their own way.


The twins have been such a ride.

They started out so small and so helpless and grew into the fantastic people they are today.

I remember many sleepless nights because they liked to play a game of let’s keep daddy up.

One would sleep while the other kept dad up playing or driving or doing anything, he could think of that would help put this one to sleep but OH NO, as soon as that happened the other would wake up.

Let’s not forget the other game they would play from time to time it was called let’s keep daddy guessing, this was played by switching personalities.

They were so young that without paying a lot of attention it was difficult at times to know which was which, so I relied on how they acted or what they did. But when they played this game it was almost impossible to keep them straight.


I remember another game they would play called let’s get that, we have no idea what it is but we want it!

I was sitting watching tv and it could have only been 1-2 minutes when I heard a crash so I ran to see what it was, when I entered my room they had gathered two boxes and one was helping the other climb to get something from the top of my closet. OMG I had to laugh at the sight of them at this moment with the look of determination and the look that said WHAT.


IF I had only one wish it would be to turn back time to do it ALL again.


To all my children I love each of you with more love than you’ll ever know until you have your own.


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