The Seeker

The Other Side Part #2

The man showed me around for what seemed like minutes but when I looked down to my watch it had been a day.

I needed to get back before I was missed, so I returned to the passageway this time I couldn’t just step through, I had to leap up as if I were diving into it.

When I had returned to my room I noticed my clock on the wall, it in fact had been a day spent. Where I had gone I still have no idea but I wanted to explore it further, when I looked back the doorway was gone.

I stayed in my room for weeks after that waiting for it to return but it never did, then one night I was so tired I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I couldn’t have been asleep for longer than an hour when I was awoken to the sound of birds singing.

I raised up to see where it was coming from and there it was, the doorway had returned, I noticed the song the birds were singing was the same my grandmother had sung to me.

The doorway looked the same as it did the first time but had only one place to see, there was a white wolf walking in a meadow. It had a dreamlike appearance with color but also a greyish look to it, like there was no color to be seen.

The wolf looked at me and I could have sworn he winked at me and then turned and started to walk away. I didn’t waste any time and jumped to my feet to follow him.

Once I stepped through the scene changed to a rainforest with bright vivid colors and a waterfall in the distance. The wolf walked a small path as I followed him I started seeing all sorts of creatures and plant life. I saw a beautiful flower, I started to leave the path for a better look when the wolf turned and growled at me, when I stopped he continued to walk the path so I thought he didn’t want me off the path we were on.

He led me to the waterfall and then behind it where I could see a cave, he came to me and nudged me to continue on my own. As I entered the cave it was dark and cold then I heard a voice, it called me by name and instructed me to walk a little further into the cave. When I reached about the middle of the cave there was sunlight shining in through an opening in the roof of the cave, I could now see the entire cave and became much warmer than before. I saw a figure walking towards me, when it came into the lightened part of the cave it was my grandmother. She said I wondered if you would come.

I asked her where I was and what this place was, she said it’s not a place or a time, it’s all places and all times but you can’t find it until you sleep so that your mind rests and before you begin to dream. She explained it’s a doorway to places and times that means something to each person thats why I saw so many other places the first time. She said but this time when I heard the birds singing her song that I thought only of her so the doorway showed me where she was.

Part #3 coming soon.

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