Vivi La Vita

The Misunderstood

There are so many of us, yes I am including myself in this!

So many people in this world and so many are misunderstood or wrongfully categorized.

Whether it’s the famous, singers, actors, or just the people we meet along life’s journey. What you think of them or how you think they are, does that make it so? There can always be an underlining heart that is not seen. Sully Erna and the band Godsmack is simply a band, the music they play or the name they have chosen doesn’t make them WHO THEY ARE.

One of the band members had a cold sore. Sully Erna, the lead singer, made fun of him for it. The next morning, Sully woke up with a cold sore, and the band members said “God Smacked you.” The name sounded good, and it stuck.

I’ve been watching a series called Lucifer which stirred something within me and I really started paying attention to the message I think the show is trying to portray. No matter how bad a person seems to be or how we see them or what we are told, There can be a GOOD that no one has ever seen or thought about.

We may be the misunderstood but you have to ask the question (WHY).

The words I choose in my blogs or daily use, can be made fun of because I as a male should be (tough) anything else makes me what?

I am STRONG in so many ways and my heart beats for so many reasons.

Don’t judge anyone or anything without taking the time to know what your talking about.

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