The Seeker

Past Tired

I feel tired most of the time it seems but it’s not just lack of sleep or that I work long hours, it’s more internal and much more than I can express.

I have worn so many mask throughout my life, not really to hide but not to have others concerned or worried.

But then again I do wear some that I know I shouldn’t, it’s not ashamed or anything like that and it’s hard to explain.

I never lie but sometimes I may not say anything and that’s just as bad I know.

Sometimes we all wear a mask, we may not say what we feel or we don’t tell the entire truth. It may not be anything that would even matter to others but for whatever reason it matters to us.

I feel that others may not understand what I’m feeling or understand why so it’s just easier to keep it to myself.

Sometimes I hide something for trying to spare someone else, maybe a child or anyone that I might be close to.

Then I wonder was it really for them or for me? If that were the case then I did more harm than good I suppose.

I wish we lived in a world that had no mask or reasons to need them. Why can’t we all just be who and what we are and that simply be ok with the world.

My life, my choices

End of story

One Reply to “Past Tired”

  1. If you are hiding something to protect another, you’re not really respecting their ability to cope or handle it. And if it’s wearing YOU out then it’s not helping you either. If it’s not helping either party, then what’s the point? (Having said that, small children might be an obvious exception.) We DO live in a world where you can and should be yourself, but you have to be brave. I think it was Amelia Earhart who said “Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace”. Be brave, my friend, and see what happens… 💞 Maybe amazing things!

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