The Seeker

When I’m alone

The unknown is so many different topics and thoughts it’s difficult to keep the mind just on one.

I really don’t scare easily but then there are the times I hear something or see something out of the corner of my eye.

Was it real or just what my mind went to from images it created from not knowing.

Could there be something or someone lurking in the shadows or my imagination running wild with electronic impulses.

Sometimes just before I fall to sleep I could swear a door closed, in fact it has woke me back up and I had to inspect all the doors of my house.

Was it just my brain slamming the door shut on my thoughts so I could sleep or was it something else???

4 Replies to “When I’m alone”

  1. My belief is there’s so much unknown in this vast undiscovered universe, there can’t possibly be just human and animal life form.
    I believe in ghosts/spiritual beings. I’m not sure why they’re still here but I believe they’re here.

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  2. I see things out the corner of my eye all the time. Sometimes it’s just the cat, sometimes it’s not. If my skull starts to tingle as well, I know there is something else there😲 Being in a house alone at night does certainly set the senses on high – all of them! 😉

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