The Concept


mid·dle class


  1. the social group between the upper and working classes, including professional and business workers and their families.

After looking up the definition I was wore out, it was too lengthy and in my opinion wrong, so I thought I would put another light on the subject.

The UPPER class:

  1. More thoughtless
  2. Self consumed
  3. keeping up with the jones’s
  4. worried more about appearances
  5. higher divorce rate

The LOWER class:

  1. Wanting more
  2. worries more about bills
  3. Worries about appearances
  4. Higher divorce rate

The Middle class:

  1. Thinks more about family
  2. Thinks more about others
  3. Less divorce rate
  4. Less worried about apperences
  5. Has enough to get by

I know it seems as if I’m speaking badly about everyone in a different class that’s not the middle class. I AM NOT

I am saying the concept of what is important has everyone thinking and overthinking that happiness depends on MONEY. The amount of money we have is irrelevant.

What is relevant is how much we put into our lives.

The lists and photos above are common ideas: the way we interpret.

Neither class is right or wrong but the wants ARE.

Be happy no matter what class you are or become. The only thing that really matters if finding what makes you the happiest.