I want to melt into you


This is amazing on so many levels.

Reminded me of this oldie

There’s nothing better than when you find the one that you know you were meant to be with.

Life isn’t always fair or timed perfectly, Sometimes we think our lives are the way they are suppose to be and we are happy and then we find something we never saw coming and a door opens.

The problem is do we walk through the door before it closes, if we do everything is going to change and that scares us. We are not sure how or why this door opened, the only thing we do know is we want to walk through it so strongly it feels like a NEED and not just a want.

If we believe there is a god, or fate, then we have to understand that doors open all the time. Some are easy to walk through because there’s nothing to think about. Then come these doors that all we can do is think.

It should be just as easy to walk through them but we think of right and wrong, who’s right or wrong is the question. society, friends, family, If it feels right and that it was meant to be then there is NO wrong, only the fear of the unknown.