Advice For Blogging


I had a friend that has spoke to me about my blogging and writing and the thing that stuck was I should own it more.

Most of my blogs are positive but yeah I do feel and sound like a Hallmark card at times so this is where I start Speaking through my blogs a little more.

I’m sure some will not be liked and that’s fine, we can’t really like everything and shouldn’t pretend to.

One topic I do keeeeeeep bringing up is a way to discuss more or share more with each other. I really think it would make WP stand out above other sites even more than it does now.

a·ware·ness[əˈwernəs]NOUN knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.”we need to raise public awareness of the issue”

Awareness of topics and being able to communicate ideas, facts, photos. are just a few things I thought of.

I hope everyone has had a great Thursday or whatever day it is where your at! I also have to once again apologies that I haven’t been putting the time in that I was but I have had a lot of personal events that has kept me and my mind consumed.