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Advice For Blogging

I had a friend that has spoke to me about my blogging and writing and the thing that stuck was I should own it more.

Most of my blogs are positive but yeah I do feel and sound like a Hallmark card at times so this is where I start Speaking through my blogs a little more.

I’m sure some will not be liked and that’s fine, we can’t really like everything and shouldn’t pretend to.

One topic I do keeeeeeep bringing up is a way to discuss more or share more with each other. I really think it would make WP stand out above other sites even more than it does now.

a·ware·ness[əˈwernəs]NOUN knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.”we need to raise public awareness of the issue”

Awareness of topics and being able to communicate ideas, facts, photos. are just a few things I thought of.

I hope everyone has had a great Thursday or whatever day it is where your at! I also have to once again apologies that I haven’t been putting the time in that I was but I have had a lot of personal events that has kept me and my mind consumed.

4 Replies to “Advice For Blogging”

  1. Excellent post and you make valid points. Blogging is reading, writing and communicating. We learn so much by communicating with each other, which makes blogging very special. Keep writing and thank you for following BrewNSpew.

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    1. One thing in my writing that some have pointed out is that I make mistakes. This is my intent I want them imperfect. It doesn’t make me a bad writer it makes me real. Some bloggers are NOT writers they are bloggers and some have thoughts or feelings and that’s why they are doing it. If everything I write is perfect then I wouldn’t connect with them. I may do a blog soon expressing that but not sure yet.

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