The Search Continues


I have one thought or feeling or?

I can’t say what makes me feel the way I do about so many things, but I do know the answers I search for are more than? Well just MORE!

My journey started the day I was born and has continued as I have grown older.

The roads I’ve traveled have never been straight, but I know they will lead me to the answers I seek, so no matter how far or how hard they may be I keep looking forward.

I meet others along my way and I think to myself this is what life is about, not ever stopping my search and the people, the loves, that I encounter make my life worth living.

Maybe that’s one of my answers.

The time spent searching and growing never stopping, never settling down is what we are supposed to be doing? With every life I meet or beauty I see along my way makes me long to keep searching, it becomes a will of its own pushing me to seek out more.