The Seeker

Memories of Love

I look back at all the loves I’ve known and I would never take any of them back for each were what transformed me into the man you see today.

To each I gave my all, but in the back of my mind I knew there was always another, the one that would finally complete who I had to become as well as the one that would end my search for the answers I needed when my heart asked why do I feel a need to find more.

I lived my life with Rose Colored Glasses to hide the truth that I was always searching for you.

I even tried marriage to stop the search for it was always pulling at my heart, the pull that only my soulmate could cause. I loved her with all of my heart or at least I thought it was all until one day I knew I was never going to be complete until I finished my search by finding her or passing my life to the journey of going home.


I don’t know why I keep on believing you need me
When you’ve proved so many times that it ain’t true
And I can’t find one good reason for staying
Maybe by leaving would be the best for you

But these rose colored glasses
That I’m looking through
Show only the beauty
‘Cause they hide all the truth

And they let me hold on to the good times, good lines
The ones I used to hear when I held you
And they keep me from feeling so cheated, defeated
When reflections in your eyes show me a fool

These rose colored glasses
That I’m looking through
Show only the beauty

‘Cause they hide all the truth

So I just keep on hopin’, believing
That maybe by counting the many times, I’ve tried
You’ll believe me when I say, I love you
And I’ll lay these rose colored glasses aside

These rose colored glasses
That I’m looking through
Show only the beauty
‘Cause they hide all the truth

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