The Seeker

Holding Back

I do have thoughts and feelings I have kept to myself because no matter how I worded them you would have a negative feeling about them but I can’t and wouldn’t try to change your mind about how you feel, I’m not sure if you would do the same for me.

I can say this much I live my life as best I can, and I have so many friends because of that. Maybe I will share some of those thoughts and feelings if I can bring myself to not worry about how they will be taken.


There is one thing I can never understand, why do we care so much about what others do? I mean does it really matter in the grand scheme of things. When we finally pass is it going to matter, or will some still be talking about how big a scoundrel I was in the way I thought or felt?

If I make that BIG of an impact on others maybe I should run for office LOL.


It doesn’t happen that much to me but maybe you’ll like this and remember it. When someone attacks me for whatever the reason on something like WP, Facebook, Instagram I must admit I laugh to my self because no matter what they say I’ve already WON! I got under their skin mission achieved LOL. KIDDING KIDDING but isn’t it the truth so why continue to argue.

7 Replies to “Holding Back”

  1. Please stop hesitating. Please stop circling. Just go for it! Most people are too self centred to really care what you say. The rest of us will respect your right to express your ideas. I heard a quote a long time ago, and I’ve told it to so many people, because so many of us worry about what people think. “Don’t concern yourself with the opinions of others, they are more f**ked up than you realise.” In my experience, this is so true 😀🌌 This is YOUR blog. Own it, and write what you want! 💜

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  2. Yes…others opinions about you or your not about you..its about them and their own inner landscape…its your space..its your magic that those of us that embrace without judgement…come to visit with…
    “Off with their heads” I say..and pour another cup of tea please!!!

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