Silence in The Night


In the night the silence comes as the darkness grows, we can feel our hearts beating slower and our minds start to go toward something that we keep only in our thoughts.

We release that last breath as our bodies become numb and then our minds drift off to a place our bodies,

for now, can’t go.

My mind knows where it wants to go even if my conscience mind may say no.

As she drifts toward that magical place that we can finally meet, she can feel her passion grow as she knows he’s getting closer.

Once we get there, we slowly walk towards each other in disbelief that either is really there. Then she speaks please let me know this is real, are you really with me? I’ve traveled so far to see you.

He replies I’m here now and anytime that you need me, all you have to do is wait until you drift away from those worries of what ifs.

There are no worries here, no what ifs, no fears of any kind, other than my fear that the time for us here will end too soon.

As she tells me of her childhood wishes of a gallant Knight that sweeps her off to another land and they lived as free as anyone could ever dream to, I listened to her sweet voice while I studied every freckle, every hair, every line of her body.

I asked her to follow me and as we walked I said would you go for a swim with me, the water here is warm and clear with the power to wash away any fear that may remain and when you leave it you’ll only know that this was happiness you’ve never felt before.

We swam in the warm clear waters for what seemed like hours with never a thought other than the peace we knew while looking into each other’s eyes.

I could feel the morning coming so as bad as I hated to, I held her in my arms one last time, then asked for a finale kiss before I had to let her go.

I watched as she floated off into the clouds, my mind beginning to awaken but I tried my best to stay there until I could no longer see her body being carried off by the dream angels, back to another place, another time, far away from me.

Just before I woke I heard her voice I’ll meet you again somewhere between the Earth and Venus just wait until your mind rests and I’ll be there.