Blogging For?


My idea of a blogger doesn’t look for likes, shares, or followers.

I think the world is already wrapped up in the ME syndrome.

What do you look for when searching the blogs?

Along with this list I could add a few things.

  1. To help
  2. To friend
  3. To empower goodness
  4. To do anything for the good of humanity

If you search for ways to make $ or blog for the same thing then your just doing really NOTHING for anyone but yourself.

Popularity is not a reason to be a blogger and neither is thinking oh I can just sit and write to make a buddle of money.

True Bloggers do not think more of themselves they think of others.

I work at least 12 hrs. a day, sometimes less if I’m lucky. The first thing I do when I wake up is check my comments. NOT how many views or likes I got.

The comments tell me someone looked at the post and it meant something to them.

But this is only my opinion not to offend ANYONE!