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Blogging For?

My idea of a blogger doesn’t look for likes, shares, or followers.

I think the world is already wrapped up in the ME syndrome.

What do you look for when searching the blogs?

Along with this list I could add a few things.

  1. To help
  2. To friend
  3. To empower goodness
  4. To do anything for the good of humanity

If you search for ways to make $ or blog for the same thing then your just doing really NOTHING for anyone but yourself.

Popularity is not a reason to be a blogger and neither is thinking oh I can just sit and write to make a buddle of money.

True Bloggers do not think more of themselves they think of others.

I work at least 12 hrs. a day, sometimes less if I’m lucky. The first thing I do when I wake up is check my comments. NOT how many views or likes I got.

The comments tell me someone looked at the post and it meant something to them.

But this is only my opinion not to offend ANYONE!

19 Replies to “Blogging For?”

  1. I just came across your blog/this post, so I thought I’d write a comment. Hope that’s alright!

    I blog because it’s very cathartic for me. It’s like… a place to rant and rave or whine and cry or share my opinions without worrying about what people in my life might think.

    When looking for other blogs to follow, I look for people who seem to blog in the same way. They just blog for themselves, to seek that catharsis, to seek that… release. I like people who are true to themselves and their interests on their blog. Ya know what I mean?

    If people want to blog for money, all the power to them. I think the odds of being able to make a living by blogging is about as slim as making the NBA or NHL or MLB. It does happen, but it only happens to very few. And honestly, you’re better off seeking happiness in your blog than money.

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  2. For me, I am one with an artist’s heart..and a wounded healers spirit…
    I blog to feel connection while trying to develope a conversation with another Being and that I might contribute some light into someone’s day…
    I have been blogging for 20 years..this site is my 4th site.
    When I started blogging..the “community” was United in the sharing and caring and supporting of each others work…as time has gone by…there is much more attacking and less supporting. Many want to have more that will get involved or stimulate more unity..but they only want you to do so on their own sites not on your sites so..I get would love to feel more unity and community…but do you comment on others sites? Everyone that comments on yours, do you contribute on theirs?
    See I am only sharing what I have encountered.
    Many blog as they are isolationists..they have had enough of the denser world..
    Many are introverts and they share very deeply..yet are more listeners than speakers..
    Many awakened souls are deeply unsure of what’s next..many no longer work and wish desperately someone would want them on their team…
    Many are broken..and have lost many pieces of themselves and sometimes..that’s their voice…
    I follow blogs that lift my spirit and strengthens my belief that there is still lots of goodness in the world
    I was drawn to your blog because you love photography..the picture of that rose on my blog is my photography of a rose in my garden…
    I take pictures of everything for God is in each one…it gives me bigger hope…
    I also follow your blog because you speak sincerely and what I look for in blogs is the reflection of God…
    So..when I “like” a post..I really mean it..its not just clicking the icon…its that I have sincerely shared time with your words or your photographs and I have truly enjoyed how you share your world..for that moment…
    And …I sincerely appreciate sharing tea with you..even though..I doc so silently…
    Now…do my words fit? Maybe…
    But I do not try to fit into anything..I choose to flow and accept that moment where someone helped me smile..and maybe..I can do the same for them…I pray…
    Blessings and Love…..sincerely…Namaste’

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    1. I loved every word of this! Thank you very much for saying what I may not have and in a better way then I would have. I do comment and have posted others work on my site, with their permission. I try my best to make friends here and make this a community of caring and sharing, Thank you for your kind words about my postings. Sometimes I post questions or ideas but most of the time I never see a response so I forget the idea and move on.
      I have had an idea that I wish would happen or maybe we already can but I don’t know how to do it.
      I thought that if you made a post lets say about something odd you had seen and I had a photo of something just as odd, I would like to be able to share it on the post or at least in a comment.

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      1. I love the unity in that notion…and you can reblog any of my work and add your own unique voice as well to it..its like a thread..weaving a tapestry…a community…
        So do you know how to add your photo to someone’s post on your site?
        Yes…”clicking like” on WordPress is nothing related to clicking “like” on facebook…
        This is such a different elevation here at WordPress….
        I sincerely appreciate your response and your heart..
        Have a glorious adventure today…Namaste’

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          1. Oh no..not at all…its the original blog..with the sites name..and your layer..beautifully added above that…elevating a story….if one is protective of their work in that way..they would not place the reblog button…or..they would offer explicit instructions on how one can reblog…
            I used to be a guest blogger on many different blogs..but as I shared…I am not in this for building popularity …and money is never a motive…its a labor of pure love to create and share grateful moments…

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      2. So…one day..I was driving in the mountains of Cali…and doing about 55 and a white mouse fell on my windshield..I was first quite startled..then scared that the mouse would get hurt..laugh out loud..I mean..he fell FROM THE SKY…and landed on my car..going 55 mph…what are the odds?…I slowed way down and pulled off at the nearest turn out…and this little mouse was hanging onto my windshield wipper with his little toes….
        When I got stopped I got out and he looked at me and I gave him Reiki and sent symbols to him for love and wellness and he stood on his hind legs and looked at ..catching his breath…and he jumped onto the ground and I thought omg… please do not go out into the road …he ran the other way and into the trees…
        I am sure a hawk or eagle dropped him..but maybe he was atop a tree..and he was either going to be taken by a big bird..or he had to make the call to jump…
        That little mouse will always have a piece of my heart…and I will forever remember that day in the sun….

        There you go my friend…show me your magic….Namaste….

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  3. My reasons for blogging are different from the reasons I started blogging. It was not what I expected. I did not expect to find a group of such lovely people! And now my life would be empty without it and them (does that mean I’m addicted? πŸ™„). When I read other blogs I look for original content, inspiration, perhaps a laugh, and like minded people. I’m more interested in having people genuinely engaging with my blog. I don’t care if they unfollow me, because I only want them there if they are interested in what my friends and I have to say. I don’t feel pressure to follow back anymore, unless I’m really interested in what they have to say.
    Blogging has improved my writing, given me a sense of value and confidence, and as an introvert, put me out into the world, in a way I never thought I would be. It has given me courage and opened up possibilities in my life. It makes me smile πŸ˜ƒ
    If something, just one thing, that I write can make a positive difference in the life of just one person, then it is all worthwhile – I feel like I’m already doing this, so this makes me so happy.
    Thanks for asking the question, James – I needed to hear my own answer πŸ’–

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    1. That’s the reaction I was trying to get from others. I can ask a question but until others have to think about it and actually write it, they may have lost why they started doing it in the first place.

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  4. So true. It’s not about just putting a like on every post without even reading it. It’s not about chasing likes to increase the number of likes in the post. It’s honestly getting engaged in both reading and writing. And when we are honest and true to ourselves in blogging, it helps to spend the time in a more meaningful way 😊

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