Be Better Part #3

© James H. Ward 7-7-2019

I’m not sure how else to say it or say something that hasn’t been said by someone already.

We can say this or that on why we can’t or don’t have the time or I’m only 1 person but the truth is WE either want a better us and a better world or you don’t! There are no excuses that are valid.

We have the power to do whatever it takes to make us a better person, what you may not see is that if you become better and your neighbor, and their neighbors, then we achieved exactly what we wanted to. Because all of us decided to change then EVERYTHING automatically changes that very second but it does take everyone of us to be the 1 that changes. The ones that don’t make that decision are the ones that hinder everything.

It may take all of us that want a better world for our children to say ENOUGH and take the power away from those that stand between what WE know has to happen.

WE can talk, write, and preach all we want but without action it means NOTHING!